Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Big Apple; Replay

We’ve arrived in NYC and it feels so good to be back in the U.S of A. Our dear friend Josh is putting us up in his charming little Brooklyn apartment and we’ve enjoyed a weekend of window shopping, coffee drinking, and dining (both high and low) in Manhattan. New York seems positively cheap compared to London which is pretty obscene. It feels so good to be back in a place that is culturally comfortable.

We had Mexican food, which is incredibly difficult to find in both Europe and Africa (this is curious, don’t they recognize the joys of tortillas and salsa? They have everything you would need to make all of the above, but it is still pretty much non-existent. Chinese and Indian food ‘round every corner, but never a burrito in sight…). We relished enchiladas and a few too many margaritas as well. I ended up feeling it the next day. I think I’ve reached that point where anything past two drinks ends up causing a hangover no matter how much water I drink. How sad to be exposed as an old lady after all.

Today Eric and I visited the Kate Spade store (which was absolutely lovely. I hope that one day my taste is as refined, ladylike and still so fun and quirky!) We also wandered around in China Town a bit and I bought a really funny giant strawberry necklace. I love having some silly clothes again. It makes me feel like myself. Tonight we are going to see a band Josh is into called “The Legendary Shack Shakers” so I’m feeling very hip and in love with New York. Fantastic. I’ve also posted another blog about the work related things we’re up to here.

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