Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today had three parts.

1) Chris arrived today, so the crew is intact. Bring it on, Africa!
2) Reading "The Malaria Capers". It is a fascinating interweaving of the history of malaria and monkeys and microscope technology and medical investigation and insecticides and tropical disease mutations. I would sincerely reccomend it.
3) Watched "American Movie" tonight and was quite impressed by this fellow Mike Borchardt. I found this interview with him on IMDB. He is completely (almost madly) single minded in his movie-making, but it is sort of inspiring. We liberal minded folks like to think that we understand the plight of the working class, but we have no clue. We have no concept of what it means to live on minimum wage and scratch off lotto tickets and soda and to still hope for more. Well, maybe I understand what it means to hope for more. I hope we all do that.

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