Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Have you ever noticed that "What the Hell!" Is always the right descision?

We got our shots yesterday, so I guess that means we are really going to wild, rugged, hot and dusty Africa. I mean, my arms are sore and I had to get five injections, so we'd better be going. The doctor went through a very long, very detailed booklet describing all of the terrifying plagues there are out there and all the ways in which we could contract them...Water, Water, Water, Ice, Freshwater swimming, bugs, food from street vendors, foods that aren't hot enough, basically any vegetables or fruits that haven't been cooked, water, water, water, bugs, bugs, bugs and unsealed beverages. So, pretty much avoid everything interesting if you don't want to accidentally ingest parasites or be bitten by a disease ridden mosquito. Fun! I suppose culinary adventuring is out. My friend Michelle advised that sometimes you have to say 'what the hell!' and try it, 'cause most likely, you'll only be there once in your lifetime. (I hope this is not true for Eric and I, but I can't find much fault with that attitude. Life is short.)

There are boxes everywhere and so much left to be done, but we are getting there, one day at a time. And really, there are a few months left to go before we have to leave. Yeah, its coming fast, but we can hit the ground running (or push back our departure a bit...) If the vanity of a bon voyage wedding is undone a bit by the voyage not beginning immediately after, well, so be it. We are diving in. Head first. What the hell!

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