Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sometimes it is as simple as: Life is good.

Yesterday we had one of our final Chicago bashes and everyone showed up (Save Mr. Prigge and the famous on again off again Chicagoan and aspiring New Yorker Ms. Ankeny) We had a lovely time drinking and talking and watching that mentos and diet coke video. So cool! Eric was busy pre-selling big ticket items in our house...I think my bicycle, the sofa, a lamp and possibly one of my paintings was sold last night (Although, Mr. Moon, I will let you off the hook if you are having regrets on that one given the amount of vodka you had consumed before negotiations began).

This morning E and I are making crepes (our Saturday morning staple of late) with blackberries and yogurt and a big pot of coffee. It is supposed to be a sweltering day, but we have the A.C on and a Turtles Album blasting on the record player, so life is good. I'm going to miss Chicago. We've had so much fun here...but it is time for a new adventure. Something to make us into new people all over again.


jessica said...

i wish wish wish i could have been there! did our beer get any better? last i heard it tasted like oversugared iced coffee. gross.

Mr. Prigge said...

I apologize for my absence. I wanted to be there - truly, I did. But I was in grave danger of losing my voice.

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