Sunday, July 30, 2006

6 Things that made today surreal.

1) Layed by the pool reading up on DDT and Malaria (Silent Spring)
2) Got into a big debate with KT and Sar on the culural implications of helping in developing countries and the capacity of out planet to hold all the people on earth (while we laid in bikinis in the sun).
3) Rode a terrifying bus to a little town a mile or two north of us. We could have carreened off a cliff into the ocean several times. It was fabulous.
4) Ate a giant roasted fish covered in garlic (and still sporting his head) by the beach in a table in the sand.
5) Used a terrifying restroom without toilet paper or toilet seat and chalked it up to practice for Ghana...maybe it was the three Coronas I had with lunch, but it didn't seem so bad.
6) Went poolside for happy hour only to be picked up by three old men...they wanted to guess our ages. We had dinner with them and they all revealed their own peculiar madnesses. Everyone is so bizarre. One runs an airline courier service, one is an out of work bartender and one seems to be a pervy banker who enjoys visits to the local brothel but hates Mexicans. A bit alarming that these men talk to young girls this way considering they are all the same age (or older!) than our fathers. A bit gross, but funny, all margaritas considered.

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Anonymous said...

Miss B

A couple of thoughts:

In reading through your thoughts on the juxtaposition of the enormity of your task and your small abilities I thought of this Margaret Mead quote: Let us never be in doubt that a small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Second, my guess is that at least your fish with a head was dead, as opposed to what I was served in China.

Daddy G

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