Friday, April 14, 2006

Sometimes it is really easy to be happy.

Its Unseasonably warm. All the spring flowers are more than a little bewildered. Its 80 out today and suddenly everything is green and gorgeous and blown wide open and fertile except that its April and this makes no sense. Its hard not to be happy with weather like this.

Jessica is here, thank the heavens. I'm so glad to see her in person. Her hair is short, but she stopped coloring hers too, so we're just two virgin haired lasses. Funny, I think. She and Dave came over last night for grilled brauts, potato salad and potato chips and beer. It was a potato extravaganza!

She also filled my i-pod with all sorts of fun new stuff (thank god, I was so sick of all of it!) I love knowing Jessica and Josh , because they relieve me of the burden of discovering hip new music to like. They find it and tell me about it, and sometimes deposit it directly onto my i-pod for my listening pleasure without any research or effort on my part. I'm thrilled because I feel like they enjoy this chore and will do it for the rest of their lives, which means that by proxy I will continue to discover cool new underground music as long as they keep loving me. Excellent. Its sort of like, how I hate to grocery shop and my househusband loves it and so I am relieved of detested chore without sacrificing the delightful results (i.e strawberries, lemon curd and bread in the refrigerator at all times.)

All this to remind us that Life is good, sometimes it is really easy to be happy.

1 comment:

jessica said...

i DO enjoy the task of music, and you see, if would be worth so much less to me to find music if i didn't have you to show it to! perfect!

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