Saturday, April 15, 2006

Meditating on the Plight of Animals in Zoos

Eric my darling house husband made crepes and bacon and champagne cocktails for breakfast while I swabbed the decks and did a deep spring clean. The house sparkled, we had a delicious breakfast (I put lemon curd all over my crepes) and we got a little tipsy while we finished tidying up and finished the bottle of champagne and even found some more junk to get rid of!

Then we paid a visit to Mr. Peralku, the watch repairman. He has been in the same little shop for 31 years on the corner of Lincoln and Irving Park, which I'm sure has seen some pretty drastic changes in the past thirty years. He's quite affable and sweet and he is a genius with watches. He's got a thick Eastern European accent (I've no idea where he's from. I'll check next time I go in.) I love finding these little gem people, it makes me feel so at home, and a part of my community. We also went to the post office and library, but for some reason at those places, you don't get the same kind of interaction even though you recognize their faces. It makes the world lonelier, I think.

We rode our bikes to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and once again I was astonished that its free. The weather was great and everyone else had the same idea we did. We saw camels (notably shaggy and humongous. Maybe we will ride one in Egypt next year.) we saw tiny little monkeys and a gigantic baboon and a morose looking tiger and a lion who actually roared. He seemed to be sort of putting on a show, he paced back and forth making this low growl for three or four minutes and then let it rip and promptly exited stage left. I totally got goosebumps. It was amazing, but I couldn't help feeling sad for these creatures who are living in such a bizarre and unnatural situation. There was one pair of monkeys that were one of 45 of their species left on earth. Sometimes extinction isn't our fault, but so often we contribute to their demise. I suppose zoos are a necessary evil, and they do a great deal of good, but there is some sort of moral discomfort I consistently experience when I visit them.

tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I am working at Splendor. I'm anticipating a slow day and a huge ham for dinner. How's that for a cliffhanger to keep you coming back for more, people?


deliciuss said...

see my pic, if u want

jessica said...

at the natural science museum in new york they have all these exibits of plastic animals and plastic habitats. the strange guilt of looking at a live creature in a cage wasn't there, also, it was more interesting/informative then you would think. it was weird.

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