Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bite Sized Weekend

a lovely visit from my dad and his lady-friend Sue. They were here to tango, but squeezed in some Q.T with E and I.

brunch at the Kitschy Kitchen (Jessica you were right, the food was amazing. I had the coconut crusted french toast.)

a movie at the F&F (Clive Owen is so fucking gorgeous, I can't seem to shake it.)

a visit to Mertz apothecary, a little jewel box of a place in Lincoln Square. Every kind of soap and obscure fragrance you could imagine. I bought cough drops and special PMS bath salts. This is my new favorite Chicago shopping spot.
The website isn't the best, but trust me, visit it next time you are in town.

a splendid day at Splendor. I unpacked toys all day, and it was actually really fun.

appetizers beers and dessert at Deleece on Southport. We had lobster stuffed potato skins and fried potstickers with sweet spicy green chile sauce, pilsner urquell and chocolate chip banana bread pudding with carmelized bananas and cream. Perfection.

so despite my protestations of brooding, self examination and angst, it was another weekend of blissful hedonism. its tough being Miss B.

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