Friday, March 03, 2006

Job Hunting

Since quitting at Dilly Lily, I have been e-mailing and faxing my resume all over Chicago trying to find a nice 9-5 desk job that actually pays a salary. I actually feel that I am overqualified for many of these jobs since most of them are receptionist positions, and I probably could have become a receptionist without going to college. Apparently, this is quite far from the truth. I have not received one response, except from the University of Chicago's Art History Department informing me that they have "chosen a candidate whose qualifications more closely fit the job requirement." Okay, well it was nice of them to at least let me know they received my resume. So, on Tuesday I broke down and answered some nanny ads on Craigslist. I got three e-mails in five minutes. Now, this either means that there are lots of desperate people trying to get a nanny for their terrifying child(ren), or I am a supremely qualified childcare provider. I went on an interview yesterday and met two gorgeous children who were very tired and prone to crying fits. (they actually were quite beautiful with dark curly hair sticking everywhere and cute little snotty noses) Additionally, their mother seemed intent on accommodating these crying fits. I suppose the trick to all of this is finding the right fit between the nanny and the family, and then everyone wins. I am trying to be very picky and to avoid letting the $12 per hour in cash cloud my judgment. (That would be almost $300 a week! Amazing, and hard not to let it interfere just a teensy weensy little bit.) Another interview awaits! Wish me luck.

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