Thursday, May 16, 2013

Delicious Caramels & Caramel Corn from Annie B's!

Annie B's makes incredible caramels and candied popcorn. They are always running fun contests on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

They recently asked: In 10 words or less, tell us why your mom is the best, and win her some caramel-y goodness!

I replied: She still hasn't stopped reading me fairy tales. I'm 30. #WhyMyMomRules #GiveHerCandy

I made the mistake of having them send the candy loot to my house- when really, it should have gone to straight to my wonderful mum. I think you know what happened next... The sweet note inside warned that the popcorn was especially addictive, and it didn't take me long to polish it off.

In fact, I just had to place another order to make it up to my sweet mother, who really does still read me fairy tales.

Best of all, the caramel corn is gluten free, perfect for my Mom, recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and who recently celebrated one year of living gluten-free. She says she feels like a new woman since cutting out flour

I have a feeling she's going to enjoy every sweet, salty, buttery and delicious morsel.

Merci Annie B's!

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