Friday, August 03, 2012

New City, Vintage Ride?

Tommy Hilfiger ad via The Pursuitist

Despite what my earlier post may have led you to believe, a bustling city like Minneapolis leaves me with plenty to fantasize about.

I tore this Tommy Hilfiger ad from a magazine last fall, because the Jeep Wagoneer has long been one of my favorite vehicles. This car is a perfect juxtaposition of rustic and preppy. I love it's vintage shape, chrome details, and of course, the wooden panels. Just imagine a wire fox terrier with his head stuck out the window on a crisp fall afternoon, and you can see my new life in Minneapolis coming into clearer focus.

I also want to take up cross country skiing to make winter something to look forward to, instead of bearing with clenched teeth. I'd like to Consume Less and Create More. I'm looking forward to taking some classes on cooking, photography, graphic design, you name it. I can't wait for museums and the fantastic, perfect lattes that for some reason seem to belong exclusively in the domain of Urban Life. There are more things to be excited about, but I think I'll save them up for the next few months as I enjoy the last of my time in Hawaii.

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