Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eating Through The Big Apple: Kelly and Ping

As I reviewed photos from my time in New York, I realized that almost every photo I took was of a plate. Apparently, my favorite travel activities is eating. So I thought I'd tell the story of my trip through the foods I enjoyed.

One of our first stops was Kelly & Ping for a mid afternoon bowl of pho. It was exactly what I've been missing in my life in Hawaii, combining great food, ambiance and service. The New York City prices felt justified because I got such a complete and delightful dining experience. One vibrant wall was covered with peony printed fabric and Chinese masks, each little table held chopsticks and sriracha, and the back of the room had miniature terra cotta warriors in the windows and a pretty skylight to let in sunshine.

These fresh ginger ales tasted so light and crisp and are made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. I've since found them commonly available in grocery stores and they are great cocktail mixers. The pho was just right, served with plenty of limes, jalapenos, basil, mint and bean sprouts. We loaded it up with spicy sriracha too and it was the perfect spot for a quiet snack & a little conversation. 

Do you have any favorite places for a little late afternoon snack in your city?

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