Thursday, March 29, 2012

Full Circle Moment: Becky Kazana and Inspired Ideas!

I'm enjoying a full circle moment today. When I first began blogging (can it really be seven years ago?!!) Inspire Co immediately became one of my favorite reads. Amy has a way of welcoming you into her imaginative world of craftiness with generosity and authenticity. I love the way she juggles personal posts about being a foster parent with the inspiring things she creates and discovers. It is a perfect example of what blogging can be; an outlet, creative channel and a way to interact and connect.

She is a talented person whom I've idolized from afar, so you can imagine my delight when I got an Etsy order from her! I sent her a note straightaway telling her how much she had inspired my own business, blog and online persona, and she was kind enough to invite me to be part of the spring issue of Inspired Ideas, her beautiful online magazine. I am delighted to share a preview of the issue with you and you can also subscribe right here!

I am tickled that my business and blog have brought me into contact with someone I have admired from a distance. It's a nice way to assess the growth of the past seven years and remind me to ignore self doubt and keep reaching for new opportunities. Have you had any full circle moments of late?

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