Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Doing it All.

Feeling a bit like a contortionist these past few weeks with house guests (first Mum and now some dear old friends and their sweet one year old bebe!), a Superbowl party, a deadline for an online magazine, work and pulling together details for Transforming Justin Brown. (Please donate whatever you can!) Luckily it's all lots of fun- if only I had a pair of golden boots and a spangled bikini to do it all in, like this lady!

Are you feeling extra busy lately? How do you juggle when things are moving fast? I'm reminding myself to stay grounded and live in the present moment. It seems to be opening up space and time I hadn't planned for.

1 comment:

JennySue said...

that picture completely freaked me out, yet caught my attention!! i'm always juggling what life throws at me, i have 3 kids and a hubby and a business and a blog and i can hardly keep up! this post made me laugh though, much needed break!

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