Monday, January 30, 2012

Whale Watching from our Lanai

It's Humpback whale season in Hawaii (It's the largest migration of mammals on the planet! The whales come to our warm island waters to have their babies where there are fewer predators.) and we Kazanas are short people. The railing on our lanai completely obscures my view when I am seated at our table, so I asked Eric for some chairs that would heighten our viewing experience!

As always, he came through for me. Can you believe he managed to get two massive bar chairs shipped to Hawaii for $88?! Some assembly required, but still. He's a wonder. (And so cute too!)

Voila! She can see! We've spotted four whales from our balcony. The trick is to watch for the white plumes of their spouts. Then, if you're lucky you might see a breach or even a tail, which usually means they are on their way down deep again. They need air about every 15 minutes or so.

Have you ever been whale watching? Were you lucky enough to spot one?


SymbioticLife said...

I love wale watching. If you went to the southern tip of the Island I lived on off the coast of Seattle, it was a great spot to whale watch. It never seemed to fail, that the best opportunities were under the clearest skies, but it always had to be bitter cold to get the best sightings. I have no idea what that was about. I swear, I almost lost a few fingers doing that.

Marta said...

I've only watched whales on tv, so, the view from your flat sounds really unbelievable! You're very lucky! Best regards from Barcelona, Spain, with beaches but no whales :)

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