Thursday, January 19, 2012

Autobiographical CD 2011: Playlist & Cover Art

Want a sneak peek at my finished autobiographical CD for the year? This is one of my favorite creative exercises because it combines lots of different mediums. Choosing the songs is one of the most enjoyable parts, and it's gotten even easier thanks to Pandora. We have it on constantly at our house and it's easy to bookmark favorite songs for reference later. (Did you know it's only $30 to listen commercial free all year?) Throughout the year, I jot down titles that I think apply and then I comb through them to assemble into the finished mix. This year the theme and flow for ordering the songs came together in a single afternoon, but usually it's far more laborious.

I made these beautiful envelopes using templates from Paper Source and a beautiful Cavalini & Co wall calendar. The gorgeous antique botanical prints of butterflies on the outside inspired me to do some watercolor caterpillars for the CD booklet. Since this mix is all about admitting that you aren't quite where you thought you were and longing for transformation, the caterpillar seemed perfect. The heavy watercolor paper, saturated color, hand lettered interiors and fancy labels all make them feel special, unique and luxurious.

You can see and download the whole playlist on Amazon right here. My explanation for why I chose each song is there as well. What is the best mix you've ever given or received?

Two to Tango- Pearl Bailey
You Don't Know Me- Ben Folds
That's All- Clare & The Reasons
Kona Moon- Hui Ohana
So Sorry- Feist
'Deed I Do- Lena Horne
Chico Gospel- MaMuse
I want you Tonight- Sydney Bechet
I'm Lazy, That's All- Pearl Bailey
Why Worry- Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
Sweet Pea- Jasper & Veronica
Home- Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeroes

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