Thursday, December 08, 2011

Coping with Holiday Stress: What are your Strategies?

I've finally got the last of my Christmas boxes out the door and in the mail. It may seem a tad obsessive, but I do live in Hawaii with an ocean and the entire west coast between me and the people I love. It pays to err on the early side.

But yesterday after my trip to the post office, I suddenly felt lighter and more relaxed. I realized how unconsciously stressed I was about all those goody boxes and getting them just right. Although I love making them, it felt pretty damn good to send them on their way and have them out of my hair.

How do you cope with Holiday stress, real or imagined? I am starting to think that so much of it is self-created- the expectations I am trying to live up to exist in my mind alone! So it makes sense that I can ease those expectations with my mind as well. That's the theory anyway.

Are the holidays difficult for you? How and why? Let's discuss!

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Jennifer said...

Hi there! Oh my gosh, yes, but fun in their own way too! I've done a lot of preparation though, which has helped. I'm not nearly as experienced as having to ship my holiday gifts - I'll have to learn from you! But I've decided setting aside some time to do everything at once is the way to go. One big wrapping session and one long baking session this weekend should keep things moving. Also, enjoying some egg nog and Love Actually can only help keep the motivation, in my opinion :)

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