Thursday, November 03, 2011

Taylor Swift's Just Right Style

Being here on the mainland for a few weeks has given me a chance to brush up on my trashy magazines. It's amazing how living in far flung places has changed my perception of the Hollywood look. The tabloids show women that look hopelessly done up to me now. Too much make up, to much hair do, too much platform heel, TOO MUCH!

Taylor Swift has that charming ingenue thing going on- still a bit overly styled perhaps, but she looks pretty, modern and youthfull without looking like she has narrowly escaped the maw of the Tropic Tan and a team of stylists wielding peroxide, chicken cutlets and baby oil.

All that to say I love the Tracy Reese dress she wore to her fragrance launch. I'm always a sucker for anything sheer and black for evening, but the delicate little sparkle and fine stripes added a little wit and panache too. I think she looks smashing without looking like she tried to hard.

What kind of looks do you like for evening? It's always the most fun to dress for a night on the town, don't you agree? Are there any celebrities whose style you admire?

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Lara said...

Love that dress!

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