Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Here are two more cool, easy last minute Halloween costume ideas that don't involve 6 inches of cleavage and stripper heels. No Sexy Blanks this year, or ever again. Thanks Martha!

This Medusa costume is genius. And think of the fun you'd have playing with Greecian-esque make-up! (And you could practice for your Project Runway audition tape by turning a bedsheet into a pretty toga. Bonus!)

Maybe I'm the only wierd-o who happens to have spainish moss, Faux feather birds AND long white feather false eyelashes on hand at any given moment, but those shouldn't be too hard to track down at the craft supply store. I love the eccentricity of this bird's nest chapeau, especially the way they played it up with the frosted make-up.

What are you doing to celebrate this year?

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