Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Custom Job: Before & After Vintage Wedding Cake Topper

My dear friend Katie is tying the knot in November, but was having a terrible time finding the right topper. We searched high and low to find something that would suit her, but she disliked the toppers with linked arms and frozen smiles, finding them too stiff and interlocked. We found this pair to be more in keeping with her idea of herself and her marriage since each is standing independently.

But they still look a bit glassy eyed, don't they? We also wanted to add some of the details from her gown and customize the flowers.

I added a black sash and black gloves to up the glamour. Silk ribbon rosettes make her bouquet come alive. I also used a shimmery auburn color for her hair and their eyes. Much softer, warmer and less plastic-y.

These small changes really take this vintage bride and groom from ordinary to special. That's what customization is all about.

She hasn't settled on her veil yet, but has plans to do a birdcage veil like this. I think it will be a perfect finishing touch. Would you like one too? You can order a pair to your specifications right over here.

What do you think? Did you have a topper on your wedding cake?

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