Friday, July 01, 2011

Roman Holiday: Trevi Fountain & the Galleria Borghese

Do you remember this fountain from the famous scene in La Dolce Vita where the American actress wades right in?

Well apparently, so do all these people. The horde was in full swing at Trevi Fountain. It was literally shoulder to shoulder.

We only stayed long enough to toss a coin to guarantee that we'd return to Rome again- preferably on some less crowded day.

Then we visited the Pantheon and enjoyed icy coffee granitas oozing with whipped cream (as described to Emelie & Brandon by an enthusiastic Italian Lady on the plane, and confirmed by Mr. Rick Steves) and listened to dueling street musicians. Despite the crowds, it really was a marvelous day, the most relaxed and pleasant of our time in Rome.

That morning, We squeezed in a trip to the Galleria Borghese, which was definitely my favorite museum experience in Rome. Because they have a strict limit for visitors, it was calm and quiet, perfect for evoking the contemplative mood you need to experience art. It was also a relief to see the artworks in the context they were created for- so much of Rome is in ruins and it's hard to imagine what it might have looked like with only the crumbling marble to help your mental image. This stunning collection all appears in meticulous order and there were some incredible works by Bernini, who really was a master in many mediums. His unity of vision has shaped the look of Rome in thousands of ways.

Have you visited Rome? What were your favorite sites? I think we could've stayed for years and not seen it all!

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