Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tasting Sweden: Salty Licorice

Swedes take licorice quite seriously indeed. I've tasted salty licorice from Holland before and felt certain that it was an acquired taste. A second sampling didn't change my mind. It's certainly chock full of interesting flavors, but the salted ammonia taste didn't give way quickly enough to the prickly spice of the licorice which I do find enjoyable. I couldn't resist this skull shape however. They had bins full of candies which you could mix and match as you pleased. There were lots of lovely shapes, but I don't really care for gummy candy so we ended up with this small selection. The pretty red wrapped candies were a chocolate covered caramel that was more my speed. What is your favorite kind of candy?


One Blonde Girl said...

I love black licorice! But I've never had a salty version. Sounds... interesting... lately I've been digging sour fruit candies. Actually, that's nothing new, but I have been craving them with more frequency what with this whole pregnant thing I've got going on. I'm also a sucker for all things caramel. Yum!

Angela said...

Super blog!:)
Angela Donava

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