Friday, June 10, 2011

See the Swedish Countryside on a Rail Road Track Bike in Lund!

Our lovely host and hostess brought us out into the Swedish countryside of Lund for an excursion and picnic. It was a gorgeous spring day and we took a short walk from the bus stop through rolling fields of green rye with the warm sunshine on our backs and sounds of birdsong and the wind through the leaves.

These bikes gave us our vistas of the countryside. They are converted to fit on a railroad track and were shockingly easy to pedal. They were also shockingly noisy and vibrate-y.

It felt quite blissful and idyllic nonetheless.

Every now and then we had to give them a push across the country roads.

We stopped for a fantastic picnic of coffee, spicy Swedish gingersnaps, fresh summer strawberries, and a creamy walnut cheese (Which we bought from this wonderful gourmet cheese shop down the street from Brandon's apartment. It had terracotta tiles and handmade pasta and jam lining the walls. When I asked for a sample of the cheese, the owner offered me a little taste from her silver cheese knife. When I hesititated, used to individual sample spoons in the U.S, she said sweetly "It's your finger, after all." and we laughed. It was delicious.)

All in all, a lovely day. It made me want to enjoy more vacation activities instead of just wandering from museum to cafe to pub day after day. We are talking about taking a wine tour while we're in Italy.

What are your favorite travel tips?

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