Saturday, June 04, 2011

Our Boston Digs

Here's a little sneak peek at the apartment Eric booked for us in Boston. Isn't it adorable? This weekend is Harvard's graduation ceremony, so it's peak prices for hotels in the city. We are in Malden which is just a short T ride away.

The wonderful lady who owns this little jewel box of an apartment is a decorator so it's quite done up in here. I think the chandelier and all the mirrors brings a lot of glittery romance to this small space. I also like how it feels like we are trying on someone else's life for a few nights. (My wonderful man found this stop via Looks like it has no shortage of unique stay options, including tree houses and train cars! )

None of the generic anonymity of a hotel room here.

And this is such a soft and plush bed. The sheets feel like 3 million thread count! We collapsed into it last night after our 17 hour day of three flights. Thank goodness Eric talked me into a stopover instead of pressing on to Europe for another 20 hours.

Today we are fighting jet lag with a trip to Fenway. Can't wait to get a little baseball action- it's been ages since our last game!

How are you spending the first weekend of June?

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