Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eating in Italy: Delizia al Limone

If Sorrento is famous for lemons, it's also famous for delicious ways to use them, most famously the delightful liqueur Limoncello, which tastes exactly like a lemon drop.

But this sinful little confection is another innovation. The Delizia al Limon is a limoncello soaked dome of sponge cake filled with a light lemon mouse and topped with a little strawberry.

Pardon me, but doesn't it look rather like a breast? Knowing Italians, somehow I doubt this is accidental. If anyone can translate the Italian Wikipedia page, I'd love to know if this is mentioned. This was only one delicacy we enjoyed at La Zagara in the charming seaside town of Positano on the dramatic Amalfi coast. Just look at all their other confections! We could have spent ages trying them all.

I love the cafe culture here because it makes it easy to drop in to more than one place for treats in a single day. No one minds if you just order coffee and sit for an hour or two shooting the breeze and watching the world go by and then cross the street for more of the same. (And there are plenty of tourists to spy on here! Eric and I enjoy playing "Guess the Nationality". Big white tennis shoes and baseball caps give us Americans away every time, though sometimes they turn out to be Australian. Three quarter length pants and a leather purse on a man? Odds are he's French. Go figure.


panoptica said...

I really don't know Italian, but it's pretty easy to figure out if you speak Spanish.

The wikipedia entry says something like

The single portion has the shape of a breast, done in semispheric cup and then turned. Then it is covered in lemon cream and decorated with strawberry (or some other berry) on top.

Some more trivia: it's used specially in weddings and first comunions...


The Fab Miss B said...

Aha! It was a breast after all! Grazie my dear!

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