Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Bonnet: A Celebration of Le Chapeau!

I think it's a shame that hats have been relegated to the beach alone. They are such a whimsical addition to a wardrobe. If you are hat shy, there is no better occasion than Easter (closely followed by Derby Day!) to try one out. Here is a collection of Easter Bonnets to get you inspired for Sunday! Vive le Chapeau!

This Medusa Print is quite elegant. (Don't you love the idea of tying a scarf underneath a hat for a bit of extra panache?)

A trio of cheery red vintage Hat Stands to display your collection like the works of art they are.

If you aren't brave enough to wear a dramatic hat, consult your reflection in this Pocket Mirror until you screw up your courage.

This Floral Hat is the perfect botanical specimen for spring. (It would look smashing with a pixie cut!)

I love the texture of this Woven Hat and the jaunty pop of the over sized pearl hat pin!

This Pink Cloche is perfection. Her modern smokey eye make up keeps it from looking too costumey.

Yellow Cabbage Flowers and tulle are a match made in heaven.

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