Monday, March 14, 2011

Etsy Stories: Under the Big Top

Today's adventure happens beneath this canvas canopy. (See the collection live on Etsy here!)

Under the Big Top...
Eccentric Collars ring every neck.

Polka Dots blend right in.

Refreshments are Dragon Shaped.

Seals spin tops in candy coated colors.

The Tatooed Lady stares you right in the eye.

Why choose between Fringe or Sequins? Go ahead with both!

The tightrope walker wears forest green suede booties and carries a very long black velvet baton for her suspenseful march across thin air.
And the whole show ends with a Bycicling Bear.


Holly Marie said...

Awesome collection and narration, I almost feel like I'm there!

And can I say, I just noticed you live in Hawaii and I'm extremely jealous! I went for a friend's wedding last year and desperately wanted to abandon everything I own in Ohio and just stay :)

Holly Marie

miss amy phipps said...

Oooh la la! Love the treasures you have chosen here....thanks so much for including me :)
All things circus fill me with joy!!

jess (jamesjake) said...

This is a stunning blog!

Thank you : )

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