Thursday, March 24, 2011

Etsy Stories: Easter Sunday

See the entire collection of Easter finds live on Etsy here!

On Easter Sunday the birds are busy singing sweetly in the blossoming trees.

A little dish of hand painted Wooden Easter Eggs reminds her of the season.

A pretty Easter Bonnet festooned with flowers is just the thing for the early morning church service she is attending with her neighbor.

This Embroidered Doily inspired the brunch menu she'll serve afterwards.

Soft boiled eggs kept warm with knitted caps and served with scalloped potatoes, ham, warm rosemary biscuits and a healthy slathering of gravy. And it wouldn't be brunch without fresh squeezed orange juice, steaming hot coffee and a round of very spicy bloody marys.
Even though today is really too cold for her chiffon dress, she couldn't resist wearing it when she saw all those bravely blooming bulbs poking their heads out of the snow and mud. Her pretty folkloric Sweater goes surprisingly well. It must be the contrast in textures.

These Leather flats are her house slippers for now, but once the mud and rain are gone, they will be her go to shoes. (They fold up to pack in her purse just in case!)

Do you celebrate Easter? What are your favorite traditions?

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