Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What's Stealing My Heart this Valentine's Day?

I know I just said I'm above all the madness surrounding holidays in general and Valentine's Day in particular (a but is coming, can you tell?) BUT, working with Third Graders makes it hard to completely ignore the Ritual of the Shoebox Valentine. So here are a few quirky picks in spite of myself...

Tattoo Hearts seem a little less saccharine than the regular variety since you can picture them emblazoned on the arm of a scary looking dude on a Harley.

This Valentine Sweater Card is funny and sweet all at once. I'd love to slip this in with my husband's lunch on Monday morning.

I rock these Lolita Shades around town and you should see the hilarious reactions people give you! Lots of smiles and giggles- it's a riot, especially because I've usually forgotten I have them on and it takes me a moment to put it together!

I feel like anything from the talented folks at Ban-do is the ultimate blogging cliche, but I still couldn't resist these Sequined Heart Shoe Clips. Such fun!

Can't deal with wearing your heart on your sleeve (or face, or shoes?) Then just scatter these Heart Sprinkles on your sweetie's morning yogurt instead. He'll get the message!

Are you feeling Valentiney this year, or not so much?

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