Sunday, January 02, 2011

How Daniel Kern Ended my Battle with Adult Acne

Thanks to a New Year, many folks are trying to create new habits and routines, so I thought I'd share a routine that changed my life two years ago.

I had mild acne all through my teen aged years, but it never really dissipated and by 25 I reconciled myself to the unpleasant reality of adult acne. My skin was never really horrendous, but it was never truly clear- always marred by angry red pimples and whiteheads around my chin, forehead and scattered on my cheeks. My acne made me feel like a child, and I felt that it impacted my interactions with people. I often unconsciously tried to cover my face with my hands when having conversations and I felt as if people were staring at my imperfections.

Nothing I tried seemed to work- including diets and various birth control pills. Antibiotics worked as long as I was taking them, but then the acne came back with a vengeance as soon as the course of drugs was over. The topical creams dermatologists prescribed didn't seem to do anything and I felt too frustrated to pursue expensive and fruitless appointments with them. My acne was just something I'd have to live with.

Eric, seeing my apathy and frustration, decided to do a bit of research on his own, and discovered I was skeptical, because it seemed like a website designed to sell products. However, once I read Daniel's incredible story and his inspiration for passing along his solution to his own acne battle, I decided to give it a go.

It took a few weeks to see improvement, but there is no doubt that the texture and clarity of my complexion improved dramatically. The secret was in the massive amounts of benzoyl peroxide Daniel recommends, paired with AHA to reveal new skin. I could see the skin on my face changing- becoming brighter and smoother and people around me noticed too.

The regimen took awhile to get used to- in truth it takes about ten minutes both morning and night, but the time commitment is completely justified by the improvement in my skin and my new confidence about the face I present to the world. I still have occasional breakouts, but they are usually isolated and end quickly.

I hope this New Year is brings you lessons in fulfillment and confidence. Don't be afraid to create a life you love!




Teresa said...

You have no idea how providing is this post of yours. My daughter entered the teenager age with child food habits so teh acne is hitting, still nothing very serious buy today I noticed it was getting more serious and more than have her get rid of the acne I wanted her to start developing cleaning and protecting habits with her skin.
I'll have a look to your link, now. Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a Wonderful and Magical 2011,

Banana said...

Becky - Thank you so much for posting this and for an earlier post you made about on facebook. My adult acne had gone from bad to worse last year while pregnant with Robin and it wasn't getting any better after he was born. It was awful not wanting to have any pictures taken of myself and my newborn son :( I had stumbled across the site a few years ago, but was skeptical and never ordered the products. By chance I saw a post of yours on facebook that those products were the only thing that worked for you. So I went ahead and ordered them. Like you said, it took several weeks, probably 4-5, before I saw results but now my skin has never looked better! It has been such a lifesaver. Thank you for sharing and thanks to Daniel Kern for getting these products out to the people devastated by acne :) :)

The Fab Miss B said...

I'm so delighted that this post hit home with some of you. I was shy about sharing it because acne is embarrassing, but knowing it helped change one person's life for the better really thrills me. Thank you so much for letting me know.



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