Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Etsy Stories: Vive L'Antoinette!

Ever since Lucia visited Versailles a few summers back, she's been fascinated by all things French and 16th Century. Here are a few of her favorite Marie Antoinette inspired treasures. (See the treasury live on Etsy here!)

For Halloween this year, she's decided to forgo a costume and don a mysterious and outrageous Mask . There is something quite sexy about it! (Better than those idiotic cheerleader costumes by a long shot.)

One can't get much more French than Macarons, can one?

Her rule of thumb when selecting art worthy of Miss "Let them Eat Cake"? The sillier the hat, the better. This Goldfish Chapeau is her favorite, but it was difficult to choose. The Lobster is a close second.

Fancicul Floral plates are her favorite serving pieces. Add a ribbon and they double as wall adornment!
Elaborate Calling Cards are a flirty way to exchange information without resorting to i-phone bumping.

This Antique Cameo adds a bit of old fashioned frippery and a subtle nod to the past. She wears it strung on a long blue silk ribbon and lets the ends trail down her back.

This beautifully embellished Lace cuff manages to be old fashioned and modern at once.

Fanciful touches make this Ruffled brazierre

and matching knickers the perfect after party surprise for a lucky someone.


Little Mochi said...

Love the mask... it is very mysterious and sexy ;)

Toad Lillie said...

What a wonderful eye you have! Seriously one of my favorite treasuries ever! Thank you for including my fancies on your blog as well. xoxo

Patti Reynolds said...

Not only do you have an eye for beautiful things but a great imagination as well. Love the story!

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