Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Etsy Lust in July

After doing some serious damage while we were on the mainland in June, I'm on a self imposed spending freeze until my next trip in August. This mainly means no wandering the aisle of Target, but it hasn't stopped me from prowling Etsy.

I'm loving the new Treasury East feature which allows you to curate as many collections as you like with no waiting. I've been creating monthly wish lists since April to combat my husband's protestations that my Favorites were overwhelming. So far, these helpful little lists have made no difference in his gift giving habits, but I remain undeterred. Peek at my collections here or make one of your own!

One of the great perks of life in Hawaii is that I get to wear hats quite frequently to ward off the sun- I think the craftsmanship in this one is really evident and I'm sure I'd wear it for years.

I like the look of this strange flying bird man- the sort of odd lucky talisman I'd like to have hovering near the front door.

I've been needing a pair of pinking shears- aren't they supposed to slow fraying? Sign me up! I like the idea of a tool that has been used and loved before, don't you?

Adore these ikat pillows. They'd be perfect on the wooden bench by our front door. They have almost every color of the rainbow- go peek!

I'd put miniature bamboo in the lanterns and use them as bookends.

The little notch just below the bridge slays me. Fantastic.
Is there anything more lighthearted and summery than blowing bubbles? This print would be perfect in my office.

I'd love to have this little condiment set for the things E and I cook with constantly; EVOO, balsalmic, dijon mustard and sesame oil.We never eat bottled salad dressings since making it fresh is so simple and tasty.

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love looking at ETSY shops, too! So many neat things...you've found some favorites! ♥

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