Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twenty Questions with Maartje of Tizzalicious!

Today I'm catching up with Marrtje of Tizzalicious. One peak at her bright, cheerful shop and I knew this interview was going to be fun. Today she tells us about why she loves springtime, and how making her own Barbie Clothes as a little girl taught her to love making things by hand.

The Fab Miss B: First off, tell us a little about you! Family, pets, hobbies? What do you love about life in The Netherlands?

Maartje: I'm 27 years old and from the Netherlands. I grew up in Nieuwegein, a city close to Utrecht, in the middle of The Netherlands, with my parents, sister, and our cute black cat Simba. I travel back and forth from Holland to Denmark a lot these days, as I have a Danish boyfriend named Per. When I'm not on a plane, I love to create things: sewing, making jewelry, cooking, paper crafts,... And I love to go to the movies, concerts, shop, read,... I can't say I am ever bored!

The Fab Miss B:Can you tell us a little about the styles Kawaii and Rockabilly and what they mean to you?

Maartje:I have always been interested in the rockabilly style. Both the music & clothing, so naturally that shows in my work. And Kawaii...what can I say? It's cute, who can resist that?

The Fab Miss B: What inspired you to start Tizzalicious?

Maartje:I am currently on disability because I have chronic migraines. I always hated being dependent on the disability, and as I mentioned before, my boyfriend is Danish, and to be able to move to Denmark I need to be able to make a living for myself, because I won't be able to get my disability there. No pressure at all ;)

The Fab Miss B:Is Tizzalicious a hobby, a profession or a happy marriage of both?

Maartje:It's both! I love creating, but I'm also working towards it being my sole income in the (near?) future.

The Fab Miss B:When did you first learn to sew and craft?

Maartje:I have been making stuff for as long as I can remember. My sister, friends and I were always making things when we were little. We made jewelry, spent hours making pergamano cards, and we used my mom's old sewing machine to make Barbie clothes.

The Fab Miss B:What inspires you most?

Maartje:I always find this a really hard question to answer. I think I am mostly inspired by the past, I love anything retro, and by color!

The Fab Miss B:As I look around your shop, I notice color, color everywhere! As a member of the Crafting in Color team, I'm sure that color holds a special magic for you. What appeals to you about color?

Maartje: Color just makes me happy. It's like spring, in winter everything is gray and gloomy, but when the spring comes, with it's flowers and colors and blue skies, the whole world looks a little happier.

The Fab Miss B:It looks like you are crazy about anything cute and cheerful- I'm the same way!Is your shop a reflection of your personal style?

Maartje:Oh yes, definitely! The things I make are always things I would wear myself too. I am always wearing color. If I am wearing a black & grey outfit, I make sure I am also wearing plenty of colorful accessories.

The Fab Miss B:What is a great piece of advice you could share with other Etsy sellers?

Maartje:Stay true to yourself and your style. There's nothing wrong with playing into the trends, but only if they suit your style.

The Fab Miss B: Which Etsians do you admire? I'll interview them next!

Maartje:I have soooo many favorites, so this is a hard one! But here are a few: magicbeanbuyer.etsy.com mamutopia.etsy.com homemadehappinessnl.etsy.com

The Fab Miss B:Links you'd like to share?

Thanks so much Maartje! It's been such fun to learn more about you, Kuaii, Rockabilly and all your incredibly fun goodies! Happy Etysing!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a wonderful interview! I love the little apples in the last photo! I'm off to see her blog! Thanks! ♥

mamutopia said...

Yay for Maartje! What a super nice interview, lovely to read:)

And you mentioned me, sweeet! :D

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