Monday, April 26, 2010

Mothers Day

A spa day to relax, rejuvinate and beautify seems like the perfect way to let Mom know you appreciate her. But if packing Mom off for a whole day at the spa isn't in your budget, why not send her a Primp and Pamper Package? I've found all sorts of delicious goodies you could include. Besides, at home she can sip a glass of wine and eat bon bons while she soaks! (I haven't seen a spa yet that gets that right. It's all salads and mineral water. I'd serve macarons and champagne!)

Luxurious handmade soaps in decadently gorgeous packaging will make her feel like a Queen.

These Baths Not Bombs come in so many gorgeous natural fragrances it will be hard to choose just six!

A charming print to hang above those fancy guest towels she won't let anyone use.

In case her tub doesn't have an extraordinary view.

And these beautiful concoctions to soak, scrub and slather herself in.

Some chic, simple little candles, to set the tone.

A little glamourous bathtub fun from Vivienne Strauss.

A pretty mask to block out the world when she's finished. It's good to be Queen. What are you planning for Mom this year?


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I would love some new bath products and a spa day! Thanks for the links! I'll enjoy them! ♥

M.Kate said...

I came from Lavender's blog and honestly, as a mom myself, I'd love to have them all..esp soaking in the tub, good view or not :)

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