Thursday, April 15, 2010

Make A Show-stopping Floral Arrangement from your Backyard

I decided this little corner of my home needed a bit of sprucing up. I wanted something clean, fresh and spare instead of all the fuss of picture frames and seashells.

I'd been saving some wine bottles for this DIY lamp project and I thought they might make pretty vases for something green out in the yard. (How lucky am I to have all these incredible tropical leaves blooming right in my backyard? Bonus- they last an eternity in cut flower years!) The result here is very West Elm, no? I could have stopped, but you know Miss B. More is more in my book. I also have a few pyrex science beakers in the shop at the moment, so I thought I'd put 'em to use till someone snaps them up.

I added the turtle watercolor (the only piece of artwork that was originally in this house that I absolutely loved) and a few spun glass candle holders I had in another part of the house. So pleased with my little composition. It's feeling very lush, tropical and clean in here all of the sudden and I didn't spend one single penny. What's better than that?

What's blooming in your neck of the woods? Have you made something new with something you had already recently? I'd love to hear all about it.

1 comment:

tangata said...

love all the BIG greenery! We have daffodils and tulips up here, was in the 70's a couple days this week!

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