Thursday, April 01, 2010

Herbal Infusions from the Garden to your Teapot

I've been experimenting with infusions from my herb garden. It's pretty simple- put fresh herbs in a french press, add boiling water, steep for three to five minutes and voila- you've got your very own "Vitamin Water".

My favorites so far are lemon grass, mint and lemon balm. They all taste lovely, clean and very healthy. The sort of thing that makes you want to put only good stuff in after it. I drink a cup while it's still hot and put the rest in the fridge. It tastes good both ways. My lavender plant isn't quite ready to harvest yet, but I'm quite looking forward to giving it a try. Are you a tea drinker?


Rachel said...

What a fab idea! I'll have to try that this summer.

One Blonde Girl said...

See? Perusing your archives. This is such a brilliant idea! Our french press just collects dust in our cupboard right now since I've switched from coffee to tea. Now I'm excited to dig it out and try this!

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