Monday, April 05, 2010

Champagne Brunch

Bonjour Darlings- Please do check out the Treasury while it's still live on Etsy!

Her lips curl into a smile, and she opens her eyes. It's Sunday Morning. That means, lazily reading the Times in bed. The cat lolling happily in the sunshine pouring in the window. It means the smell of coffee brewing. The sound of soft slippers scuffing across the wooden floor. But most of all, it means meeting friends for a decadent Champagne Brunch at a posh hotel. She stretches luxuriantly and begins to daydream about the finery she might wear.

An elegant satin shrug over that eternally chic sheath dress?

A gal can never go wrong with a vintage inspired Corsage Bracelet.

This print serves up a bit of ruffly inspiration- and perhaps an idea for her hairstyle?

Perhaps this seashell bouquet will be the white linen tabletop's piece de resistance.

She remembers her favorite jeweled shoe clips- She could even wear them on the straps of her dress or pin them in her hair- why not?

Perhaps an eccentric Flower hat would delight her friends. No doubt it would turn heads!

Or what about this Fern Necklace, that looks like a garland of wild flowers picked straight from the woods and still covered with dew?

Something soft and warm, like this Fur Stole just in case there is still a chill in the spring air.

A little money and lipstick in a dainty tweed Doily Clutch.

Or perhaps a little confection of satin and tulle atop her curls?

And the Polka Dot Parisienne reminds her that no matter what outfit she settles on, Red Lipstick is always the best accessory- so long as she can keep it off her Champagne Flute!


Lola said...

Gorgeous post! I feel honored to be part of it. Thank you! :)

lauren said...

oh my gosh i would totally wear that giant flower hat, so fabulous!

thank you for including my hat too!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

What fabulous finds! Thanks for including my shoes here.

Iris Schwarz / Paulette Edition said...

Lovely! Thank you so much for putting together such a a wonderful collection!

Hair Bows Wonderworld said...

What a cute blog, a great selection and a wonderful write-up. Love every single piece of your treasury . I am so chuffed you included my bouquet. Thank you so much!

Cyndie said...

I love Sunday Brunch and champagne! Thank you for including me in your collection!

Mariana & Paula Moreno said...

Wonderful FP!! Congrats!! :-) :-)

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