Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Makua Meadows Coffee Farm

We had a lovely visit with my Mum the past week. A few days ago, after a suggestion from my friend Gwen, we visited Mauka Coffee Farms which produces 100% Kona Coffee on some positively breathtaking property. Here are some snaps of our self guided tour.

I'm guessing this is some sort of ginger, but I love the flower!

This hanging flower had a shape Mum described as an Arabian Slipper and a greenish blue color that looked like it belonged in the movie Avatar.

Eric tried his hand at cracking freshly picked macadamia nuts.

I think the man has discovered a new hobby.

Did you know a single Pineapple can take three years to grow?

And that coffee beans are red before they are roasted?

We'll miss you Mom!

1 comment:

ArtSnark said...

great photos - looks like a fun day

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