Monday, March 01, 2010

DIY with the Fab Miss B: Tissue Poms

I made a whole slew of tissue paper pom poms for our Sweet & Salty party, and they were a cinch to make! Here's a little how to so you can make some for your next party!

You will need: tissue paper, hole punch, wire, and wire cutters.

Take 4-8 pieces of tissue paper and accordion fold them, at least 7 times.

Make a hole punch in the center of the folds.

Thread a piece of wire through the hole.

Twist it closed.

And twist the wire into a loop.

Now, shape the petals with scissors.

For this one, I did scallops, but triangles look cool too.

Fan out the accordion folds.

Then gently pull up the tissue layers one by one.

Soon you'll have a lovely collection of flowers to string on a garland.

Quite festive, don't you think? What's your favorite party decoration?


The Copper Cauldron Soaps said...

Stunning! Love the colors you used :)

Momma D said...

Love the garland!!

Caroline Pond said...

I love these I will have to try and make those. Fun fun.

Carrie Me! said...

oh my gosh, soooo beautiful! =)

kim.m. said...

Beautiful! I never thought of doing a garland from clusters! I'm trying it today for my daughter's room! Found your blog from one pretty thing. I'll be checking back for more! Thanks!

kirstin & jordan said...

Umm, I love this more than I can tell you! This would be such a fabulous focal point for a backyard party in the summer, or for a shower. LOVELY!
If you're interested, we have a friday fun find party- we'd love it if you'd link up this week! :)

panoptica said...

They are beautiful Becky!!!
And they look so so easy to make!!

Megan said...

thanks for sharing! I feel in love at first site and whipped some up for my bday bash! linked it here to your post as well!

lisalyn said...

LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing. I'm posting about it and linking back to you on Sunday!! :)

Katie @ Cheep Ideas said...

These are SO stunning! Makes me want to have a party just so I can have an excuse to make these! I've included this post on my "Tissue Paper Crafts" roundup today. Thanks for sharing!

Katie @ Cheep Ideas said...

This is just beautiful!! Makes me want to throw a party JUST so I can make this. I featured it on my DIY Friday Roundup for great crafts on the net. Thanks for sharing!

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