Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When only the best will do.

I once read an article byPeter Mayle(a leading expert in all things hedonism and a personal hero of mine) describing five things one should always buy the very best of. If I remember correctly it was shirts, fountain pens, soap, stationery and I've forgotten the last. Perhaps chocolate. Or those rare truffles one hunts down in rubber boots with pigs on leashes.

In any case, Eric and I generally lack the means to buy the best of anything, but soap is one place I make an exception. Ordinary dove, dial or ivory are fine of course, but there is something really lovely about unwrapping a bar of fresh triple milled lavender soap with a pretty crest imprinted in it. The lather seems richer somehow and the scent stays on your skin so subtly it won't be noticed unless someone has leaned in very close indeed. All this seduction and intrigue for under ten dollars. (I like to store them in my dresser drawers to scent my clothes and lingerie as well, especially since they often come in such pretty wrappers. If not, I re-style them myself. Remember this project?)

I came upon these lovelies at a going out of business sale for fifty cents a pop. The colors reminded me of beautiful candies so I snapped up a whole range of them for our guest bathroom. What do you only buy the very best of?

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Made by Melissa said...

Ahh, the very best soap! I agree, a very worthy item for spending those extra pennies on. I always buy the best tissues, there is nothing worse than a scratchy tissue!!

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