Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sofa Makeover

My beautiful new pillow covers from Home Centric arrived last week and they've completely transformed our rented sofa! Here it is after moving in, but before the new cushions.

And after the new cushions! I'm still not totally thrilled with the upholstery, but I do love the luxe bohemian look of so many mismatched pillows. My attempt at slipcovering with a sheet just ended in a sad rumpled mess, so I'm stuck with pineapples for now. The mirrored cushion is definitely my favorite- so glam!

The other thing I'd love to do in this room is install these floor length "waterfall" curtains, but since we'll only be here another year and a half (Wowie is time flying!) I can't justify the expense. (It would soften the whole room so dramatically though! Venetian blinds are so industrial looking.)
Any changes going on in your house lately? Are you doing any holiday decorating?


Kathryn Lantz said...

Hi!! I love the mismatched pillows as well!
Just recently joined EtsyBloggers and finished your feature this month. Love your work!
As for changes around our house, we're limited at what we can do - my hubby and I currently live in my parents house while they're living in Vienna for a couple of years. So any major decorating isn't an option - unless approved by the parents :) But we are starting to decorate for Christmas!

Carapace said...

Just a suggestion on the curtains--check out shower curtains! I myself have put in simple curtain rods and shower curtains all over the house, and I am both cheap and spectacularly unskilled in the ways of home fixiting. But shower curtains are fairly cheap, long, and available in all sorts of patterns and designs--maybe it would work for you, too!

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