Friday, November 06, 2009

Presents for my friends: Edition for K

Here's another little collection of Christmas goodies, this time inspired by another dear friend. She is a talented musician who lives in snowy Minneapolis. She's an amazing Mum to a very charming blonde headed girl, she often wears black, only rocks skinny jeans, is rarely seen without makeup, loves scary movies and is known for her sarcasm. Here are some things I've picked out just for her.

This bag has as many dimensions as her life- it's roomy enough to stash an emergency juice box and granola bar for the little one, plus it can convert into a briefcase for work files and then into a tiny clutch for a show. That's multitasking for you.

A fantastic edgy bauble that no one will miss while she's on stage. Bold and never too sweet.

These amazing pillows could add a bit of sparkle and rock star glamour to her bedroom.

These boots will work hard for her all winter long- no small thing in Minneapolis! (And the patent leather toes and heels will keep the salt and slush at bay too.)

I love the texture of this crocheted cap and it already goes with everything in her wardrobe!
A snakeskin bangle to add a hint of rock 'n roll to any outfit.

Who is your favorite person to Christmas shop for this year?


Lu. Lu. said...

I really love the hat! good finds

Antonella said...

Really nice finds, I love them!

Splendid Little Stars said...

great finds for your friend! The hat is magnificent!
I get together every year in December with 5 special friends. It's fun to come up with little presents for them. Some years I make something; others I buy. This year I found some very cute little red felt boxes. I am filling them with handmade etsy goodies.
Congratulations on being our etsy blogger of the month! I look forward to writing about you!

Elizabeth said...

Hi, just visiting to learn more about you before I write my featured blogger post. This is my first month as a member of EtsyBloggers.
That ring is amazing!

Laurie said...

Congrats on being the Etsy Blogger of the month. And I'm already a follower so it should be no problem to feature you on my blog! ;)

Anne, Tenuki Handcrafts said...

Great finds. I love the snakeskin cuff. I think every one needs one to spice up a drab November wardrobe. Congrats on being the feature Etsy Blogger!

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