Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Presents for my friends: Edition for G

My wonderful Mum is a hard woman to pigeonhole- (aren't all Mums?) but she has wonderful taste. She LOVES clothes of all sorts and always has. Never afraid to make a statement, She'll wear an red silk Chinese jacket or a coat covered in leather scales and look amazing in both. She is an amazing Tango dancer and instructor, (the basement is a dance studio!) and loves all things Argentine. She loves the clean, spare aesthetic and bold colors of Swedish design and mid century modernism. Hot yoga gets her through the cold Midwestern winters. She is a wonderful cook- some of my fondest memories are of watching and helping her prepare incredible meals. Here are some goodies I've picked out just for her.

A beautiful woolen shrug in a bold color to bundle up against the cold Minnesota winter.

A set of hand carved nesting cups to fill with fresh cracked pepper, sea salt, olives, or nuts and scatter across her Christmas table.

Some beautiful candlesticks to cast a warm glow across her holiday table.
A fantastic knotted scarf to add texture and depth to her winter wardrobe.

This versatile garment can go from yoga class to a milonga in no time flat.

A bread knife and cutting board for serving cheese and bread. (Isn't that what Santa really wants after all those cookies and milk?)


tangata said...

thanks baby girl! you nailed it.

Kelly G said...

These are so GREAT gift ideas! Unfortunately, I think the links aren't working right (or maybe it's just me?)
Keep the good ideas coming!

The Fab Miss B said...

Thanks for the kind words and heads up Kelly! I've added some text links. Enjoy!

MAB Jewelry said...

What a lovely, eclectic mix of items. Wonderful.

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