Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can he walk at all, or if he moves will he fall?

The Iron Men and Women descended on Kona a few weeks back to prove that a human being can swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles across a scorching desert of lava rock and ocean winds and THEN run a full marathon.

Local businesses put up banners welcoming the athletes, and streets were blocked off. On race day, people chalked the streets with encouragement for the competitors and held handmade signs and bells to keep them going. (We saw a mom with her kids in a stroller with a sign that said "Go Daddy!")

Eric and I rode our scooters down to Alii drive to catch the tail end of the race. I had been of the opinion that something like this was far too much- I like a good workout, but this seems to verge on insanity- especially when you see moments where someone literally collapses from exhaustion 30 yards from the finish line. However, I was impressed to see how fit and able most of these athletes seemed. Tired, yes, on the verge of total body failure, no. I'm sure training and nutrition for such a feat has improved a great deal from the humble beginnings of the race in 1978. I don't think I'd want to try it though.

Also, this song was pounding through my head all week. Congratulations to all the Iron Men out there!

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