Monday, July 20, 2009

More Green Wedding Plans!

I was composing an e-mail to my dear friend Sarah with a list of links we'd discussed while she was here in MN with baby Norah, and then I realized that all of you might enjoy them too. (Remember her baby shower and the green wedding I imagined for her?) So here we are!

I kept thinking of this video while Norah scootched around on the floor. A great many of these links were initially discovered via Cup of Jo. It's the first read on my blogroll.

When I saw the adorable frisbee favors from this wedding, I immediately thought of Greg- the King of Frisbee Golf. That involves actual frisbees, right?

This wedding was EVERYWHERE
on the blogosphere a few weeks back, but the easygoing spirit (and the bikes!) reminded me of Sarah and Greg. Laura's bouquet is absolutely inspired.

Greg isn't really the dress up sort, but this floral tie made me swoon.

Head to toe linen is more his style. I like that this looks dressy and relaxed at the same time. That dramatic silk scarf and amazing leather sandals aren't hurting anything either! (Can't seem to find the exact link, but it's from the Sartorialist, the ultimate place to find looks for men.)

These cupcakes seem so unfussy and unpretentious. I'm imagining Sarah's dotted with nasturtiums or some other edible local flower. P.S) Remember those cupcake liners?

Her wedding dress reminds me of Audrey Hepburn's. Perhaps it's her short hair, the details at the waist or how impossibly fluttery it looks. Perfection!

I've been busy creating some wild floral headpieces, boutonnieres, corsages and even a cake topper for Sarah and Greg's big day and I can't wait to share them with you. They turned out quite charmingly and I think Sarah and Greg will have the bohemian, woodland wedding they will remember for the rest of their days. Congratulations to you both!


Simply Sarah said...

Oh Becky! Spot on as usual! I love the butterfly bouquet and might very well do some researching into getting discs made as party favors! Such a sweet idea! I can't wait to see the crowns; it's still a year away, but it's always in the back of my mind!
Oh, and that video is just darling! I love the music too! Makes me so happy that we're moving into a bigger space, as that little room is the size of our living/dining/office/entry room ;)
Thanks so much for the post and the inspiration!

ArtSnark said...

Fun cheery post! Love the video

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