Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five Simple Things That Make Me Happy

I was just tagged by the talented Maggie of The Chickadee's Nest to name five things that make me happy. (Easy as pie!) In no particular order...

1) My wonderful husband. I've been quite blue while he's been away training with Teach For America this summer. We'll be reunited on August 5th, thank heavens.
2) Fresh Flowers. (Though, really, who doesn't like those?)
3) Thrifting. There is something lovely about rescuing an object from oblivion and making it useful and beautiful again. I never get tired of that.
4) My Mother's Cooking. Hands down the best food I've ever tasted.
5) Champagne. My current favorite inexpensive bottle is this one.

What are five things that make you happy? Consider yourself tagged! (Report back if you make a post. I'd love to read it!)

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