Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Almost Instant Cat Toy

I don't post lots of photos of our dear little Otis (he's not the most photogenic of creatures) but he's definitely my pal. He's long been a fan of my Pipettes- he likes to kidnap and maul them when I'm not looking. Always the completely finished ones too- the brute! So lately I've been making these pipe cleaner-octopus-spiders to distract him with. They're quite simple and I bet your feline friends might like 'em too.

Twist together several pipe cleaners. I like the sparkly ones because they twinkle while he's playing.

Fold those sharp ends over.

(The wait can be quite tantalizing for the poor fellow.)

Now crazy up those pipe cleaners. The kinkier the better.

Attach a bit of fishing line to avoid getting your hand clawed up and watch your kitty freak out. It's fun for everyone.

What does your cat like playing with?


panoptica said...

My cats do exactly the same... Once I came home to find my room filled with pink pipe cleaners that they had taken out of my closet.

But my mom was really afraid they would get hurt, so no more pipe cleaners for them

Laurie said...

My kitty loves to chase bugs. We don't have a lot of bugs in CO but she's a real help during our Miller Moth season!

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