Monday, June 22, 2009

The Equestrienne

*Editor's Note: This treasury was inspired by these lovely Breyer Horses. Did you play with these when you were small? I don't think I'll ever outgrow them!

Our heroine is a city girl who took riding lessons as a lass, but sadly, hasn't been horseback in ages. Instead of a daily ride, she infuses her wardrobe and home with all things equestrian.

This stirrup necklace rests just above her collar bone. She never takes it off.

She cares for her elegant leather riding boots with the finest saddle soap. (It reminds her of the smell of the tack room, though that also smelled of alfalfa.)

Her books are kept upright with these distinguished equine bookends.
She loves this clutch, with it's fine brass hardware and leather details.

She wears this scarf thousands of ways- trailing from the handle of her handbag, tied over her hair with a pretty striped top or slung across her wool coat when the weather is chilly.

This print hangs above her bed and gives her dreams of riding along a quiet mountain trail for hours.
This necklace was a gift from her father when she won a blue ribbon in a show at eight years old.

This jacket looks just right with blue jeans or her favorite black skirt and aforementioned boots.

And of course, she uses this stationery exclusively.

(Do feel free to visit the treasury while it's still live on Etsy here, and peek at others I've made here.)

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Anonymous said...

I love these treasuries!

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