Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You're my cup of Tea!

So pleased with how this little illustration turned out. So many dainty little munchies! While I'm back in The Twin Cities this summer, I may have to take my Mum here for a scrumptious indulgence that is all pearls, floral hats, white gloves, silver tea pots and teeny tiny bite sized tidbits.

Have you ever been to high tea? What was your favorite part?


Vanessa said...

Beautiful illustration!

ladylulu said...

I love your illustration AND I love high tea. I have been about a billion times. My most favorite high tea was in an apple orchard in the English countryside. I wish I could remember the name of the stand - it was outside of Cambridge. We sat in striped outdoor chairs, under apple trees drinking tea and eating scones.

I am throwing a tea birthday party for my daughter this weekend!

For a coffee drinker, I am gung-ho for high tea!

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