Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I'm wishing for lately:

Espadrilles (What I'd really like is a trip to Nice to buy a pair from a little old man by the sea.)

This vase for my desk, filled with a handful of monogrammed pencils.

A truly sumptuous feather duster.

An i-phone. (This is how I feel about it.)

Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar (preferably a big ole stack...)

What's on your wish list? (And is it just me, or does blogging help get it out of your system a bit?)


raina said...

I've heard iPhones are really not all they are cracked up to be. The people I know with them say they are good because they can do so much, but the actual phone part of it is crap because they drop calls a lot... who knows! Plus, the contract fees are outrageous. I guess I never saw the point in having your phone serve that many different purposes.

Feather dusters just rearrange the dust... and for 15 bucks, I'd expect more!

I wish for many things: a dog, a rat, a vacuum cleaner... mostly the dog though.

Jennifer Hugon said...

Your illustrated lists are sooo charming! I love this.

Lauren K said...

I wish for a job (soon to be college graduate--eeek), sunny weather, and a free evening just so I can sew.

abby said...

it does help!

i wish for a job, too, and a record player and a garden.

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